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Were YOU…here?

Block Island’s Fourth of July parade is a hoot.
Again this year, we show you the best part of it…YOU.
Our zaniest street team yet took LOTS of crowd shots.

If you were on The Block for The Fourth, look for your photo here, a FREE download, courtesy of Paul Gleiser.
Note: Ignore the “Buy” button. Photo downloads are FREE. Simply mouse-over each shot, then click the download icon.


Download FREE poster: “B.I.F.A.Q.”

Click it, then stick-it-up in your cubicle at work…and stare at it when you’re starting to feel like Dilbert.

Labor Day Moon Shot

A tradition as old and quaint as The Block Itself:

Think the water’s cold in JUNE?

Imagine taking THIS plunge???
Over a hundred do, at EXACTLY 12 noon, on January 1:

WHY PAY for parking?

For less than you might pay to park at Point Judith — then spend an hour on the ferry — you could fly-to-B.I., in just 12 minutes, and PARK FREE at Westerly Airport. Call 800-243-2460 for reservations.